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What is Diabetes Smarts?

Hi, I’m Judd…

I’m an Author, Documentary Filmmaker, and founder of Diabetes Smarts.

Several years ago, I was with my friend Ryan when he suffered a hypoglycemic diabetic attack.

It was very scary, but he did eventually recover after several days in the hospital.

Over the years since that incident, I’ve seen several friends and family members become diabetic.

I spent 2 years digging to uncover and understand the root cause behind the global health epidemic that's affecting millions across the globe... 

I gathered together over 50 of the world's leading endocrinologists, nutritionists, biotechnology scientists, physical fitness experts AND type 1 and type 2 diabetics who are committed to exposing the real truth about diabetes.

On our journey together I discovered a treasure chest of diabetes fighting secrets and created the most in depth and comprehensive diabetes program available where they reveal HOW diabetes is really fought. 

This life changing information will help customers push back against the threat of diabetes by balancing their blood sugar faster than ever before using a unique hook very few people have even heard about.

Diabetes Smarts Package

The Diabetes Smarts program includes the diabetes smarts manual. A groundbreaking 8 episode documentary series and companion guide. The complete diabetes fighting meal plan and shopping list. That Diabetes Cookbook: Simple, healthy, and balanced recipes perfect for everyday. Plus much much more. 

These incredible tools help provide customers with the latest and most effective ways to hit their diabetes where it hurts and makes it easier than ever for people to prevent diabetes, Fight Diabetes and and reverse type 2 diabetes from their lives permanently…

Note: Getting to this level does not happen to everyone, results will vary, but when armed with the knowledge in this program, most people have the ability to dramatically improve their situation.

Here Are 7 Great Reasons Why You Should Promote Diabetes Smarts Today

Hours of meticulous testing for Sky High EPCs: We tested and optimized this program with warm and cold traffic to help optimize our funnel, so it converts like crazy for an email list. And we continue to develop new ways to boost your EPCS and offer a wide array of content and tools your audience will love!
Excellent customer feedback. Your list won't thank you enough for sending this program to them. Customers say this is the most extensively researched and effective Diabetes fighting program they have seen
Very low refunds – Our customers love the value of diabetes smarts because of the incredibly valuable and unique content on offer. We have an excellent follow-up sequence in place to make sure not only that they get the most out of the program, but they also feel part of a community that will benefit them for years to come.
Incredible customer support – We pride ourselves on delivering first-class service. Our helpdesk is available 24/7 and our friendly team is waiting to help and support our customers in any way they can. Plus, they are also here for YOU to answer any questions to get you started as a valued affiliate.
A hungry market: People have been crying out for a diabetes offer that is like no other. Over 50 doctors, nutritionists, Diabetes Survivors, and Diabetes experts have given their expertise and real-world experiences that you won’t find anywhere else. They deliver the research. The proof. And the complete solution people need to combat diabetes.
High take rate and lucrative upsell flow: We have a 3 click upsell funnel with a 50% take rate that will maximize value and send your EPCs through the roof.
Targeted swipes that guarantee you get the best conversions possible. No need to write them yourself (unless you want to) because all the tools and resources you need to start promoting are waiting for you in the affiliate area.

When you promote diabetes smarts to your list, you will be ecstatic with your results.

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